“I’m a member of that minority which refuses to be part of any officially designated minority.”
Charles Simic

“Develop your legitimate strangeness.”
René Char

Today a society in panic, based on constant competition and infinite growth, encourages everyone to make the most of own potential, to be always at “this!”, for the required performance, ready, always on–line and in good shape.

By a strange paradox, the slow erosion of the labor time (related to the digitization of production processes), didn’t produce a reappropriation of social time, but rather a growing homogenization and fragmentation of time: the “real-time” of instant comments, 24/7 media, the “just-in-time production”.

A permanent performance, absorbing both labor time and social time in an unfractured continuum, in which there is no room for the deficiency, the inability, and in which any other element of rupture is automatically branded as “disease”.

mìnus hābens is our way to expose the paradox of this world calculating and estimating, creating hierarchies by virtue of the ability understood in its more sinister: to appropriate skills and overwhelm, rather than capacity for imagination and understanding.

mìnus hābens, the incapable, the fool, the untalented, the borderline, the misfit, the marginalized, the recluse; but before anything else, the grounds from which we all come, our constitutive stupidity, our finiteness.

Our call: to think of the mismatch and the inability to match the behavioral and performance standards not as signs of decay, but instead as indirect manifestations of “powers”, conditions for artistic and political invention.

Our challenge: to be up to our inadequacy, and turn it into an epic event; an explosion of joy, a laugh, stupid and contemptuous.

We are convinced that the potential of non-being is also, in its own right, affirmative and revolutionary gesture.

With mìnus hābens, 2016 – 8th edition, we invoke a de–growth as much as economic as in performance, pointing to the need to reclaim our time, our limitations, our desires, our sorrows, as far as possible from pre-packaged models, to put the anxieties in their right place and give the expectations a kick.

Not simply solidarity or welfare, but an invitation to a “becoming minor” of us all, convinced that only by practicing inability we can touch the essence of what we are.

In spite of those who believe that progress consists in the accumulation of capital and means, we invoke, instead, an experience of loss: cut your arms to find out the possibilities of the limbs, cutting the ears to start listening as he had never heard before, cut the tongue to start saying what really matters.

That’s what art we’d like to do: to go beyond the possible, to achieve the impossible, the not yet possible. To invent unlimited meanings with limited tools.

The marginalized minorities, disable, outsiders from around the world, they prove it.

Affirming once again the intrinsically social dimension of art – not because you do it in front of an audience, but because, even if it produces loneliness or alienation, it “puts in relation” – we see in it a powerful means of liberation.

Art creates new ways of relation to the instruments, the concepts and the bodies, ways that are unexpected, uncontrolled. Perhaps the relation itself, the authentic one that is not trapped yet in the logic of production, is the art.

Thus be prepared for a different festival, far from the sparkles of the spectacular and the niceties of the lounges, beyond the beautiful and the ugly!

A dirty festival, full of incapable and monsters just like the ones moving inside.

We will try to release them, with joy.

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