2012 – Out of Cage


In the centenary of the birth of the great American artist, Fussi festival, by dedicating him the new edition, proposes a concept that’s not strictly directed to John Cage‘s figure, but his mood and the generative power of his work, his methods, his way of thinking, still alive. The Cage method/path allows us to consolidate and integrate the Flussi 2011 edition concept. If, on one hand, Cage’s work has shown as a generative continuous mechanism aimed to the overcoming of the sensitive contingencies to land in always original and unusual expressive areas, on the other hand allows us to return to pay renewed attention to the aspects that we have highlighted in the last year conceptual frame, the raising consciousness, the consciousness of the historical situation we are living in, with particular attention to the relentless pattern of interactions between humans and technology. With the Consciousnet edition we developed the idea of establishing a symbolic intimacy with the complexity of the digital reality, a perspective aimed at recovering a critical dimension in the technological and economical processes of the actual world.

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